20 Doctor WhoThemed Crafts to Make Buy

first_imgOnly 47 more days until the Doctor is in.After a year-long hiatus (save for a kooky Christmas special), Peter Capaldi returns on April 15 for his final series of Doctor Who.Joined by companions Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie) and Nardole (Matt Lucas), the Twelfth Doctor will see some familiar faces (Missy and the Ice Warriors are confirmed) and meet plenty of new ones (we still don’t know whether to trust those emoji robots).But the eight weeks leading up to season 10—also showrunner Steven Moffat’s last—can feel like eight years. Why not stay distracted with a new hobby or online shopping?Check out our roundup of Doctor Who-themed crafts, including do-it-yourself patterns and trinkets made with love—by someone else.TO DIYEtsy: ShawnallamaTARDIS slouch beanie hat (instant download pattern)Available in three sizes: child (13 inch), regular adult (22 inch), and super slouchy (22-inch circumference, 10-inch crown).Etsy: MadeYouSomethingLameTARDIS fingerless gloves (instant download pattern)Described as “easy pattern to follow, and a quick knit, ideal for beginners of circular knitting.”Etsy: SpaceBatdesignsDoctor Who Quiet book (instant download pattern)Perfect for the budding Time Lord too young to play with toys.Etsy: CritStitchCrochetDalek hanging towel (instant download pattern)Exterminate grit and grime with these colorful cloths.Etsy: TannysToppersFaces of the Doctor crochet afghan (instant download pattern)The pattern includes all 12 Doctors—including options for the Tenth Doctor in 3D glasses, the War Doctor, and the “police box” banner.Etsy: TheFitTreeStudioCyberman cross stitch (instant download pattern)There’s nothing emotionless about this adorable design.Etsy: craftyiscoolcrochetRiver Song crochet doll (instant download pattern)Say hello, sweetie, to this wild-haired woman, dressed in River’s grey jumpsuit from season eight episode “Let’s Kill Hitler.”Etsy: StephrsTARDIS/Dalek scarf (instant download pattern)Enemies unite in this not-for-beginners project.Etsy: DarcyEPrevostDIY miniature TARDIS (instant download pattern)Build your own “blue box” paper model and display your Doctor Who love on a desk or mantelpiece.Etsy: BabyNomNomTARDIS baby costume (instant download pattern)The perfect accessory to your Doctor cosplay costume, this TARDIS is bigger on the inside (it fits over a BabyBjorn carrier).TO BUYEtsy: telahmarieFourth Doctor & Tenth Doctor plush cushionBoasting a spot-on likeness of Tom Baker and David Tennant’s Fourth and Tenth Doctors, respectively, these pillows are the perfect nighttime companion.Etsy: BurntPixelsTARDIS blue light boxThis laser-cut box looks unassuming by day, but turns a glowing blue at night. Flameless tea light candle is included.Etsy: DapperLilBlackbirdFourth Doctor-inspired fingerless glovesThese muffs channel Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor—for when you can’t be bothered to knit your own hand warmers.Etsy: NerdlingToysDalek stacking toyA timey wimey take on the classic stacking toy.Etsy: SolahLaserAdipose keychainYou’ll always remember your keys—and your diet—with this cute little fella.Etsy: OohLaLaBoudoirTARDIS mini top hatOnly three inches tall, this tiny topper adds a bit of steampunk flair to any occasion.Etsy: societyofsockmonkeysDoctor Who sock monkeyRequest your favorite Doctor to be rendered out of someone else’s laundry.Etsy: SplatteredCanvasWeeping Angel earringsTurn heads with these sculpted clay earrings. But whatever you do, don’t blink.Etsy: printandclayDoctor Who yarn bowlKnitting has never been easier with these yarn bowls, available in three designs: Dalek (“extermiknit”), Weeping Angel (“don’t blink”), TARDIS (“wibbly wobbly timey wimey”).Etsy: BubbleGirlSoapTARDIS/Dalek soap barsBecause even Time Lords need to stay clean.last_img read more

Samsung Teases Bigger Galaxy Note 8

first_img Samsung’s 108MP Camera Sensor Is Coming to a Smartphone Near YouHuge Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Doesn’t Have Room For Headphone Jack Samsung, expected to unveil its big-screen phablet next week, is teasing consumers with a new Galaxy Note 8 promo video.The 35-second clip invites folks to #DoWhatYouCant, and advertises the Aug. 23 Unpacked event in New York.The ever-mysterious manufacturer makes no direct reference to its Galaxy Note lineup. But the jaunty animation subtly hints at the series’ defining feature: the S-Pen stylus.Watch below as the blue stick flies across the screen, striking out words and pointing to their more ambitious counterparts: “talk” “act,” “update” “innovate,” “closed” “open,” “follow” “lead,” “big” “bigger.”Next week’s invite-only launch event kicks off at 11 a.m. ET in the Big Apple; the ceremony will be live-streamed across the globe on Samsung.com for those with better things to do not in attendance.Here’s to hoping the next-gen smartphone turns out better than its predecessor: Following an autumn 2016 release, the Galaxy Note 7 made headlines when buyers reported the handset spontaneously combusting.Two recalls and a halt in production later, Samsung ultimately blamed the device battery—which, according to teardown experts iFixit, is “very, very similar” to the one glued into this year’s flagship Galaxy S8 and S8+.Samsung in October confirmed work on a Note 8, despite debate over whether it should retire the now-sullied moniker.Early this month, serial leaker Evan Blass tweeted a glimpse of the upcoming Note in “midnight black,” as well as an exclusive photo highlighting what looks like the love child of a late Note 7 and more recent Galaxy S8.Featuring the same wrap-around display and side buttons at the S8, Samsung’s new rectangular Note adds an infinitesimal amount of screen coverage (“bigger” my arse). It also allegedly comes with a revamped dual camera setup—vertical rather than horizontal—and a fresh golden hue.Specifics are still a bit murky, but Blass has tipped a 6.3-inch handset, boasting the same Exynos 8895 and Snapdragon 835 chipsets as the Galaxy S8, plus 6GB of RAM.iFans, meanwhile, can expect a similar iPhone reveal soon; The Verge calculated an early-September event and launch.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on targetlast_img read more

Scribblenauts Showdown is a Wacky Word War

first_img Sorry, You Can’t Date Keanu Reeves in ‘Cyberpunk 2077”Star Wars Pinball’ Has Your Favorite Brand in Ball Form Stay on target Scribblenauts remains one of the most conceptually ambitious casual gaming franchises to date. It lets players create an incalculable amount of objects through its massive dictionary of (family friendly) nouns and adjectives. And they all behave roughly how they should. They even once threw all the nerd lore baggage of DC Comics into the mix. But as impressive as that achievement has always been, the gameplay surrounding it has been weirdly shapeless.After a brief hiatus and change in developers, Scribblenauts is back with Scribblenauts Showdown. Pivoting to a minigame collection sounds like dumbing down, but for Scribblenauts it’s the chance to give the game some much-needed extra structure. The results aren’t entirely cohesive, but it is a nice reminder just how creative Scribblenauts’ core hook still is.The minigames are the big new addition in Showdown but it does have traditional open-world Scribblenauts sandbox levels. And that’s where you should start if you’re playing solo or are new to the series. Wander around different levels like Mayan ruins or undersea wonderlands encountering inhabitants with problems to solve. It’s up to you and your notepad to write the answers to their prayers into existence. Summon a bowl of fried rice for a hungry Buddha statue. Plop constellations in the sky for a dragon to gawk at. The satisfaction lies in finding all the unique and varied ways you can answer the relatively simple word puzzles. Why settle for “horse” when you could use “fire-breathing Pegasus” instead?Solving puzzles rewards you with Starites you can use to unlock new levels as well as cosmetic items for your custom characters. But beyond that the levels offer big playgrounds to familiarize yourself with what’s possible through the dictionary. In my quest to recreate Mac Tonight I generated everything from a “moonish man” to a “moonlit mask” to a “bespectacled moon.” Maybe it’s because I’m a writer, but this is just a fun way to mess around. It’s also vital practice for the “Showdown” part of Scribblenauts Showdown.Why are we here? Just to suffer? #NintendoSwitch pic.twitter.com/UUksXBXdgA— Jordan Minor 4 GDC (@JordanWMinor) March 7, 2018You can play the solo levels in co-op but the big multiplayer feature is the collection of over 25 new minigames. Up to four friends can play individual minigames, groups of minigames, or minigames presented as a Mario Party-esque board/card game. You can even filter between minigames that take advantage of the dictionary and ones that don’t. There are a lot of minigames here, but unsurprisingly, they’re pretty hit or miss.First off, I think it’s weird that they even included minigames that have nothing to do with writing words, the whole point of Scribblenauts. Maybe during a party some folks will want to give their brain a break and just catch apples or whatever but the wordless minigames feel kind of generic, like filler. And even among the games that do make use of what Scribblenauts can do, some have more compelling vocabulary hooks than others. The Martian rover game is pretty much just a brief racing game. But you can give yourself an advantage by picking a word in certain category, like plants, that starts with the right letter.Fortunately, there are minigames that do flex your imagination muscles in great ways. Scribblenauts may have mushy combat and controls, but I loved a game that tasked me with creating the best weapon for myself that started with a certain letter. I felt brilliant when I realized “epee” was the answer. You want me to drop a heavy F-word into a black hole? How about “fjord?” What’s a predatory mammal small enough to eat quickly without vomiting? It’s time to chow down on shrews.It’s also worth mentioning just how you go about typing these words. Previous Scribblenauts games were exclusive to platforms with touchscreens or keyboards. But now that it’s on all consoles that no longer works. Showdown doesn’t even use the touchscreen on Nintendo Switch when undocked. Instead, you use a combination of buttons, analog stick movements, and radial menus to type. There’s a brief learning curve but it’s pretty fast and intuitive. Predictive text and letters that gray out if they don’t make sense with what you’ve written make the typing as smooth as it can be given the less-than-ideal input.So as a game Scribblenauts Showdown still isn’t as strong as Scribblenauts as a concept. But it is an appreciated evolution of the series and one of the most expressive games you can play. Where else can you make a “brainless wintered assassin?”Buy it now!Buy Scribblenauts Showdown.Nintendo SwitchProtect Your Nintendo Switch With These Awesome CasesLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

Google to Squash Pixel 3s RAM and App Crash Issues in New

first_imgStay on target Google will be resolving a frustrating issue its Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL users have been experiencing with an update coming down the pipeline. According to 9to5Google, the memory management problem has been causing apps to crash out of nowhere on these particular phone models, and not only is Google aware of it, but will be rolling out a fix in the near future with December’s update to resolve it. 50 Attorneys General Launch Bipartisan Probe Into GoogleYouTube Fined $170M For Alleged Child Privacy Law Violation center_img a sure fire way to kill a Spotify stream on the Pixel 3 is to open the camera and snap a few shots https://t.co/9sJibz0HEQ— dan seifert (@dcseifert) October 16, 2018The issue, which happens when users happen to open a specific app or take a photo with the phone’s powerful camera while using Spotify, causes some devices to force quit Spotify, which then allows the other app to perform normally. It’s a strange glitch, but a frustrating one, especially if you’re multitasking and listening to music while trying to accomplish something else. It’s indeed a software bug related to the phone’s camera’s artificial intelligence software, and not related to a dearth of RAM. Either way, it can be a frustrating part of being a Pixel owner, that’s for sure.The fix isn’t included in the November update, according to Android Police, which does patch up a litany of issues such as those related to the device’s wireless charging abilities. Previously, the Pixel 3 would note that it was charging at full speed even when hooked up to a non-Google charging device. Now, it will display “charging slowly,” which denotes the 10W to 5W change in wattage from the official Google-branded charging devices. That’s the biggest part of the November update, unfortunately.There’s more to come for anyone affected by the RAM problem, however, so if you’re currently experiencing these issues, know that it’s going to be resolved soon – there’s definitely a light at the end of the tunnel! Hold out just a bit longer and you’ll be able to get your device right as rain.More on Geek.com:Google AI Detects Breast Cancer Better Than Humans5 Upcoming Android Phones That Are Worth Waiting ForGoogle Brings AAA Games to Chrome With Project Streamlast_img read more

California Wildfires Raise Health Concerns

first_imgStay on target California’s destructive wildfires have claimed at least 65 lives since the two blazes began last week.But burning flames aren’t the only worry.The University of Southern California this week raised concerns about the infernos’ impact on people’s health—particularly when it comes to noxious smoke.“It’s unhealthy air outside,” USC economics student Thomas Columbus said, recounting how smoke crashed his beach party last weekend, prompting folks to leave early.“It’s really bad,” he continued. “You can smell it, it gets in your lungs and makes you cough.”USC faculty experts have been studying the state’s environment, air pollution, and public health for years, amassing insight into why wildlands burn so much, and how the vapors harm people.Smoke is more than a nuisance—it’s a noxious brew of industrial chemicals and microscopic particles that lodge deep inside the lungs.Children and the elderly are especially vulnerable, as rapidly growing organs and pre-existing conditions make it harder to tolerate large doses of pollutants.Smoke from the Camp Fire is affecting air quality in California, and is visible from space (via NASA)Kids exercising in contaminated environments are more likely to develop asthma or other respiratory symptoms; older folks with chronic diseases, meanwhile, should see their doctor if their condition gets worse.Healthy adults are not immune, either: A jogger inhales three- to five-times more air than someone people-watching on a bench, meaning more smoke is deposited in their lungs.“The air is actually getting cleaner,” Kiros Berhane, professor at the Keck School of Medicine of USC, said in a statement. “The concern about the recent trend in wildfires is that as fires gain an intensity and severity, they could lead to losses of some of the gains we’ve made in the past.”NASA is keeping a close eye-in-the-sky on the conflagration, tracking its location and providing information about its behavior via satellite images.From space, the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) and Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIRRS) sensor observed expansive smoke and aerosol plumes.Scientists on the ground continue to monitor air quality data from a network of sensors throughout the region.Find out more about how to help the victims of California wildfires here.More coverage on Geek.com:Global Warming Boosts Risk of Lightning-Ignited Fires‘Westworld’ Set a Paramount Ranch Burns in California WildfiresWatch a Bipedal Robot Walk Through Fire Modder Creates Fire-Breathing Nintendo 6445,000 Barrels of Bourbon Destroyed in Jim Beam Warehouse Fire last_img read more

Worlds Oldest Periodic Table Found in Scotland

first_img This is one major #TBT. A periodic table, found while clearing out a laboratory at the University of St Andrews in Scotland, is believed to be the oldest in the world.Experts have dated the chart, discovered in a storage area in the University’s School of Chemistry, as being printed between 1879 and 1886, the BBC reported.In 2014, Dr. Alan Aitken was clearing out  full of chemicals, equipment, and laboratory paraphernalia that had accumulated since 1968, when he found a large, extremely fragile periodic table that flaked upon handling, according to a press release by the University of St Andrews.Work has been taking place to authenticate and preserve the fragile chart since then.The newly unearthed chart undergoing conservation treatment. (Photo Credit: University of St Andrews)Russian chemist and inventor Dmitri Mendeleev made his famous disclosure on periodicity in 1869.The newly unearthed table St Andrews was similar, but not identical to Mendeleev’s second table of 1871. However, the St Andrews table was clearly an early specimen. The table is annotated in German, and an inscription at the bottom left – “Verlag v. Lenoir & Forster, Wien”­ – identifies a scientific printer who operated in Vienna, Austria, between 1875 and 1888. Another inscription – “Lith. von Ant. Hartinger & Sohn, Wien” – identifies the chart’s lithographer, who died in 1890.The Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev (Photo Credit: Sovfoto/UIG via Getty Images)“The discovery of the world’s oldest classroom periodic table at the University of St Andrews is remarkable,” said Professor David O’Hagan, recent ex-Head of Chemistry at the University of St Andrews. “The table will be available for research and display at the University and we have a number of events planned in 2019, which has been designated international year of the periodic table by the United Nations, to coincide with the 150th anniversary of the table’s creation by Dmitri Mendeleev.”The chart received a fill conservation treatment, which included brushing to remove loose surface dirt and debris, separating the chart from its heavy linen backing, washing the chart in de-ionized water adjusted to a neutral pH with calcium hydroxide to remove the soluble discoloration and some of the acidity, a ‘de-acidification’ treatment by immersion in a bath of magnesium hydrogen carbonate to deposit an alkaline reserve in the paper, and finally repairing tears and losses using a Japanese kozo paper and wheat starch paste.More on Geek.com:World’s Most Popular Coffee Species Are Going Extinct, Study SaysCERN Teases Larger, More Powerful Particle ColliderAntarctica’s Ice Melting Rate Has Increased by 240 Percent Silkworms Engineered to Produce Spider SilkNanotube “Rebar” Makes Graphene Even Stronger Stay on targetlast_img read more

Watch: NASA Fires Up Orion’s Propulsion System for Mission Safety Test

first_img NASA Says 2 Asteroids Will Safely Fly By Earth This WeekendScientists Discover Possible Interstellar Visitor Stay on target NASA is developing a system to send astronauts to the moon, which includes tests to make sure the Orion spacecraft is ready to safely transport crew members on an alternate mission profile if unexpected issues arise. In order to simulate this scenario, NASA recently fired up Orion’s propulsion system during a brief test and it was an extremely hot process.On Aug. 5, the test was conducted using a qualification version of the propulsion system at NASA’s White Sands Test Facility in New Mexico, said a NASA press release. Continuous 12-minute firing of Orion’s propulsion system took place during the test, and even though the system didn’t leave the ground, it replicated one of the most challenging situations the spacecraft’s engines could face after a launch.“This was our most demanding test for the pressurization system, including our propellant tanks, valves and other components,” said Josh Freeh, deputy manager, Orion’s Service Module, at NASA’s Glenn Research Center. “The combined international team has been working towards this test for many months.”The test imitated what scientists call an abort-to-orbit scenario: If the interim cryogenic propulsion stage (ICPS) was not able to set the spacecraft on its path to the moon, Orion would intentionally separate early from the ICPS and the European Space Agency (ESA)-provided service module’s engines would fire to uplift Orion into a safe, temporary orbit. This “Plan B” strategy would enable time to evaluate the crew and spacecraft before a decision is made to continue with an alternate mission scenario or return to our planet. If an alternate mission profile is selected, Orion and its crew still would have a chance to complete some of the mission objectives, even if there are trajectory changes.Final preparations underway at White Sands Test Facility in New Mexico for Orion’s propulsion test. We will fire 15 engines to simulate an abort-to-orbit scenario. pic.twitter.com/ltpYMnM0TA— Orion Spacecraft (@NASA_Orion) August 5, 2019Engineers mimicked the abort-to-orbit scenario by firing the Orion main engine on the service module and all eight of its auxiliary engines at the same time. Each reaction control thruster was also periodically fired throughout the test, in order to replicate attitude control and overall propulsion system capacity, according to NASA.Propulsion test complete! During the 12 minute test NASA and @AirbusSpace team fired Orion’s main engine, 8 auxiliary thrusters, and 6 reaction control thrusters. pic.twitter.com/HZDwuBooHy— Orion Spacecraft (@NASA_Orion) August 5, 2019“The tests at White Sands have been very helpful to better understand and operate our service module propulsion system,” said Jim Withrow, project manager for the test article. “This firing was one of a series of tests performed to date and in the coming months to simulate contingency modes and other stressful flight conditions.”The service module, which is the powerhouse of the Orion spacecraft, provides in-space maneuvering and other core astronaut life support systems, such as consumables (water, nitrogen, and oxygen). Kennedy Space Center engineers are joining the completed Artemis 1 crew module and service module together before sending Orion to NASA’s Plum Brook Station in Ohio for simulated in-space environmental testing this fall. Once this step is done, Orion will return to Kennedy Space Center for final processing and integration with the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket.More on Geek.com:Watch: NASA’s Orion Crew Capsule Passes Major Safety Test NASA’s Juno Spacecraft Detects Jupiter’s Striking VistaNASA Receives Data From Solar Probe’s First Two Flybyslast_img read more

Nikki Bella talks her break-up with John Cena on “TODAY”, Bruce Prichard talks Roddy…

first_img WWE stars join “Brawlhalla” as Epic Crossovers in SummerSlam game event Facebook Nikki Bella talks her break-up with John Cena on “TODAY”Nikki Bella, along with her sister Brie Bella, appeared Wednesday morning on NBC’s “TODAY” to promote the Season 3 premiere of “Total Bellas” on E! this Sunday, plus her recent break-up to John Cena that will be shown during the third season.During the interview, Nikki reveals that she hopes that her and Cena will get back together, with Brie praising Cena as well, calling him “her brother”. Bruce Prichard talks Roddy PiperWWE has posted a preview clip on Wednesday of this week’s episode of “Something Else to Wrestle With” with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson talking about the career of the late Roddy Piper in the WWE. The clip below shows Prichard talking about Piper’s tension and issues with Hulk Hogan, although WWE does not list Hogan by name on the title of the clip. This week’s episode will be posted on the on-demand section of WWE Network later on Wednesday. Twitter Pinterest WWE Superstar John Cena announced as part of cast for Suicide Squad Sequel center_img Google+ Jason Namako RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR WWE star Ruby Riott reveals new tattoos, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella’s dog passes away WhatsApplast_img read more

Food & Drink: C’est la Vie like a charming trip to France

first_imgRachel Pinsky can be emailed at couveeats@gmail.com. Follow her on Instagram @couveeats and @rachelapinsky and on Facebook @coueeats. Keri Buhman describes her business model as, “kind of like a mullet, business during the week with the cafe and party on weekends with Soirée Supper Club.”During the week, you can find her running her C’est La Vie French Café & Crêperie.Buhman, who grew up in Vancouver, developed her passion for French food during a 10-year stint overseas where she obtained a sommelier degree from the New Zealand School of Food & Wine, was head sommelier at a 5-star resort in the Maldives, and taught at the New Zealand School of Food & Wine.In 2011, when Buhman returned to Vancouver, she decided to open a crêperie at the Vancouver Farmers Market. That business grew and became her current French food oasis on 78th Street in Hazel Dell. This space houses C’est La Vie French Café & Crêperie, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Once a month, there is a Soirée Dinner Party. There is a well-stocked store on-site packed with local goodies such as Silagy Sauce, Kember’s gluten-free mixes, Oliver’s Bloody Mary Mix and Oregon Growers jam. There are also C’est La Vie goods such as granola, compound butters, buttermilk rosemary dressing, sweet pickles and a well-curated collection of wine.last_img read more

Skamania County woman survives attack by five dogs

first_imgFive dogs had just broken Kathrina Bateman’s arm, savaged the flesh on her left calf and popped out her right knee.Then she drove herself, in a stick shift, a half-mile to the Skamania General Store for help.“Everybody’s still going, ‘How’d you do that? Broken arm, knee popped out and this one’s all bleeding,’ ” she said Thursday in her hospital bed, with a smile. “I was determined. I needed help, and you do what you can.”Medics brought Bateman, 57, to PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center on Tuesday evening, after she was attacked by five dogs, which she described as pit bulls of varying size. She spent several hours in surgery.She met a neighbor at the Skamania General Store earlier that afternoon. He told her he had a litter of mutt puppies, Bateman said, and offered her one.She followed him up the road from the store to his house.“There was only one dog out in the yard, so he met me at my car before I got out,” she said.The neighbor’s daughter opened the door to the house, Bateman said, then five dogs poured out.“The next thing I know I’m being attacked by them,” she said.She doesn’t recall much more of what happened, save getting into her car and the dogs gnashing at her legs.“Because they were pulling me apart in two different directions,” she said.The neighbor and his daughter were able to pull the dogs away, she said, then she got in her Oldsmobile Alero.“I always knew, go to the store,” she said, having learned not to count on the ambulance drivers to find your house amid miles of poorly signed Skamania County back roads with bad cell service.She got to the store, told the clerk to call 911, then they waited on the store deck for the ambulance. The ambulance crew, surprisingly, knew her parents.last_img read more

County treasurer race: Topper leads Hinds

first_imgClark County Treasurer Doug Lasher’s decision not to seek a ninth term came as a surprise to many — even Vancouver City Councilor Alishia Topper. Although the two had discussed the possibility of Lasher leaving the office beforehand, Topper didn’t know for certain until May 18, the last day of the filing period.“I was there ready to run if he wasn’t,” Topper said. “I knew that there was a really, really high likelihood, but until an elected (official) actually decides not to walk into that office and file the paperwork, you never know.”Topper wasn’t the only person to act on Lasher’s decision to not seek re-election. Hours before she filed her declaration of candidacy, businessman Robert Hinds decided to throw his hat in the ring.“I got some encouragement that I should think about running for office at some point,” Hinds said. “The opportunity arose, and I saw that the community needed a good candidate, and I decided to run.”Hinds has never run for political office, but he has held management positions at various businesses, managing finances for Nautilus and managing market analysis for Hewlett-Packard. Topper, on the other hand, was elected to City Council in 2013 and again in 2017; she has also worked in the Treasurer’s Office as tax services manager since August 2017 and been on the board of the Columbia Credit Union since 2012, being elected chair earlier this year. (Topper also ran, unsuccessfully, against Monica Stonier for the latter’s seat in the state House of Representatives in 2016.)last_img read more

Former Safeway appears poised to be a Big Lots

first_imgA former Safeway grocery store building in the Orchards area is getting remodeled, and the work may be in preparation for the opening of a Big Lots store at the site, according to a pair of building permits submitted to Clark County.The two permits pertain to the building at 11606 N.E. 76th St., which is part of a shopping center at the intersection of Northeast 76th Street and 117th Avenue. The building has sat empty since the Safeway closed in May 2016; at the time, a corporate spokesperson said it had been underperforming.The two permit applications were submitted in June and July, and they both list Big Lots as the business name. They describe a building update that includes minor interior renovations and finish work along with exterior facade changes.The permit listings and Clark County property records both indicate that Safeway Stores Inc. is still the owner of the building. Big Lots, Safeway and the Clark County permit services department could not be reached for comment Friday afternoon.The interior work appears to be underway, with the lights on and construction equipment and personnel visible inside the building. The exterior walls and windows are so far unchanged, and the door windows still feature signs notifying visitors of the closure of the Safeway.last_img read more

Ford sees twisting road ahead, cuts 7K white-collar jobs

first_imgDETROIT — Ford revealed details of its long-awaited restructuring plan Monday as it prepared for a future of electric and autonomous vehicles by parting ways with 7,000 white-collar workers worldwide, about 10% of its global salaried workforce.The major revamp, which had been under way since last year, will save about $600 million per year by eliminating bureaucracy and increasing the number of workers reporting to each manager.In the U.S. about 2,300 jobs will be cut through buyouts and layoffs. About 1,500 have left voluntarily or with buyouts, while another 300 have already been laid off. About 500 workers will be let go starting this week, largely in and around the company’s headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan, just outside Detroit.The layoffs are coming across a broad swath of the company including engineering, product development, marketing, information technology, logistics, finance and other areas. But the company also said it is hiring in some critical areas including those developing software and dealing with self-driving and electric vehicles.In a memo to employees, Monday, CEO Jim Hackett said the fourth wave of the restructuring will start on Tuesday, with the majority of U.S. cuts being finished by May 24.last_img read more

Seaman claimed that Southgate will have a tough keeper choice

first_imgGareth Southgate will have a tough choice as he decided to omit Joe Hart from the squad and he will have to select another first-choice keeper – and David Seaman believes that it will be between Jordan Pickford and Jack Butland.The former Albion keeper insisted that it is going to be a very difficult decision to make as both of these keepers are very young and don’t have any experience with huge tournaments.Seaman spoke about this dilemma as he said, according to Sport 360:“He (Southgate) has got a big decision, whether he goes with Jack or Jordan. They are both young goalkeepers, but they need to go out there and express themselves and enjoy it.”Jadon Sancho, Borussia DortmundCrouch: Liverpool could beat Man United to Jadon Sancho Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Peter Crouch wouldn’t be surprised to see Jadon Sancho end up at Liverpool one day instead of his long-term pursuers Manchester United.“They have not got the experience but they are in the World Cup, they have got the talent, they have to go out and show it and step up.”“I don’t know who I would pick. That is Gareth’s decision, they are both similar standards and what will make Gareth’s mind up is training.”“They see each other in training, Gareth will be watching and then make his decision.”“If I look at it, it looks like Jordan is going to get it because he is always in there first. We will see what happens.”last_img read more

Amateur DFB needs Lahms help

first_imgKarl-Heinz Rummenigge says that former Germany captain Philip Lahm can help the DFB, according to FourFourTwo.Rummenigge believes Lahm should be made Vice-President of the amateur DFB.After a tumultuous World Cup the former Bayern great and German legend insists that the Football Association should ask retired player Philip Lahm for help.Germany suffered the disappointment of having to make it past the group stages of the just concluded 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.The defending champions could only win one game which came against Sweden in a group that also comprised South Korea and Mexico.Germany legend Oliver Kahn returns to Bayern Munich Andrew Smyth – August 30, 2019 The legendary Oliver Kahn will return to Bayern Munich next year to replace Karl-Heinz Rummenigge as the club’s chief executive.“The DFB current filled with amateurs,” Rummenigge told reporters on Friday.“I’m not convinced they’ve the right approaches to deal with issues of this magnitude and I won’t be surprised if there aren’t any.”“I think installing Philip Lahm as the new Vice President would improve the professionalism in the German Football Association.”Rummenigge was also critical of the treatment of Mesut Ozil after pictures of him and Turkey President Recep Erdogan surfaced online.“Mesut was the only scapegoat and I think that’s a bit far-fetched and unfair.” The former German player said.last_img read more

Courtois forced to delete farewell letter

first_imgJust hours after finally completing his move to Real Madrid, Thibaut Courtois was forced to delete his farewell message to ChelseaThe Belgian goalkeeper ended his seven-year association with Chelsea on Wednesday in favour of a move to Real in a six-year deal.With just under 12 months remaining on his existing deal, Chelsea had hoped to convince Courtois to sign a contract extension.But their efforts proved futile with the 26-year-old making it clear that he wished to go the Spanish capital in order to be reunited with his young family.And after months of uncertainty, the Courtois’ wishes were finally fulfilled after Chelsea signed Athletic Bilbao keeper Kepa Arrizabalaga in a world-record deal of €80m.Courtois later took to Facebook with the following message:Tammy Abraham, ChelseaChelsea hat-trick hero Tammy Abraham hopes for more Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Tammy Abraham hopes this season will be his big breakthrough at Chelsea after firing his first hat-trick for the club in Saturday’s 5-2 win at Wolves.“Hello CFC Family. With these few words I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for the four fantastic years that have passed,” he wrote, via Metro.“Chelsea FC will always have a special place in my heart. I was only 19 years old when the club showed a great belief in my abilities. The fact that such a big club was already following me was like a dream come true. The decision to first send me away (to Atletico Madrid) helped me to grow into a goalkeeper fit for Chelsea FC.“When I returned, I was very happy to be part of one of the biggest teams in the world. I fulfilled a childhood dream playing in the Premier League, therefore I am really proud that we were able to win two titles, a League Cup and a FA Cup!“A huge thank you to all my teammates and technical staff over the past four years who I shared this success and amazing moments with, both on and off the pitch. The team would never be successful without the help of all the other members who are devoted to the players and the club, such as the medical department, kit men and all the others who I can’t thank separately“Last but not least I want to thank the fans for their great support over the years. I hope you understand that being closer to my kids was considerable in my decision. I wish you all the best for the future.”Apparently, the message was removed just 30 minutes later.last_img read more

Mane credits teamwork for Liverpool win

first_imgSadio Mane says Liverpool’s 4-1 victory against Cardiff City at Anfield is due to the rest of the team playing so well and not just the attacking trio.Mane grabbed a brace in the Premier League clash after Salah opened the scoring. Together with Roberto Firmino, the trio has scored 18 goals in all competitions so far this season.But Mane believes the whole team deserves credit for their latest win, given how the game panned out.“Hopefully we’re going to keep going like that! It’s something that comes naturally because Mo and Bobby are great players and of course I’m happy to play alongside them,” Mane told Liverpoolfc.com.“But people always talk about the front three – but it’s the team, the work starts behind us. They make it easier, we are lucky boys and score all the time but all the team did their job.Jadon Sancho, Borussia DortmundCrouch: Liverpool could beat Man United to Jadon Sancho Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Peter Crouch wouldn’t be surprised to see Jadon Sancho end up at Liverpool one day instead of his long-term pursuers Manchester United.“I’m happy, we played very well even though it was a little bit tight in the second half after it went to 2-1″ Mane added.“It’s part of football. But after that, we controlled the game and created many chances. At the end, we scored four goals so I think we deserved to win.“The coach said yesterday it would be a very tough game. It’s normal, it’s the Premier League.“We knew it would not be easy but we are Liverpool, we were at home and we always try to play the same passing game, try to do our best and win the games.”last_img read more

Gary Neville talks about Raheem Sterling racial abuse predicament

first_imgGary Neville has been talking about the treatment of Raheem Sterling in light of alleged racist abuse the winger suffered at the hands of a Chelsea fan.The former Manchester United captain divulged his own struggle in trying to help Sterling through excessive criticism during Euro 2016.“There’s been times on this show when we’ve avoided taking on this subject. It’s not undertones, it’s blatant (racist media coverage of Sterling),” Neville said, according to Daily Mail.“Ashey Cole was the only one (from when I was playing) – he’s had to escape this country, he’s almost like a football refugee – to get away from the way he was treated.”Neville also went on to discuss the difference in the way he believes black players are covered in the media.Premier LeaguePremier League Betting: Match-day 5 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Going into the Premier League’s match-day five with a gap already beginning to form at the top of the league. We will take a…“When Lambert and Vardy came into the team, it wasn’t like that when Welbeck and Rashford came into the squad.”“The evidence is quite heavy in terms of the white players and black players that came into the England squad.”“What can football do? It can show zero tolerance – what Chelsea have done, those players will never set foot in a football stadium again.”“Raheem’s been strong enough to come out of it. He’s made it through the three years of media horror, intrusion, vilification.”last_img read more

Mourinho attacks Sir Alex Fergusons achievements

first_imgDuring the very first interview made after being sacked by Manchester United, Jose Mourinho came back with a vengeance against Sir Alex Ferguson.In a clear proof that he may not have learned his lesson after getting sacked by Manchester United, Jose Mourinho came out against Sir Alex Ferguson in the classic passive-aggressive way that he tends to do when he wants to attack anybody.The Portuguese manager got the Scotsman’s full support during the very first year when he arrived at the Red Devils, but he quickly realized that the club had made a mistake after signing a manager who was unwilling to evolve his outdated tactical ideas and adapt them to the modern footballer.The next two years were complete torture for the players, the fans, and the board of directors as Mourinho just remained true to his very own ideas that obviously clashed against Manchester United’s traditions.Sir Alex Ferguson saw how Jose put his legacy in jeopardy with only two years of utterly defensive football, with the manager always seeking refuge behind the titles he’s obtained throughout his career and trying to defend himself from any person who wouldn’t line up with his confrontational style.In 2004 when asked about Sir Alex Ferguson 1.000 games as manager José Mourinho said that he would be retired by 55.Mourinho will turn 56 this month. pic.twitter.com/fTtDSaJbkh— Footy Accumulators (@FootyAccums) January 7, 2019The only ones getting any type of benefit from these dark times at Manchester United was the sensationalist press, they loved every single curveball that Jose Mourinho kept throwing at him and they adored how contentious he tended to get against many of them.Having an angry Jose Mourinho sold papers and got them massive amounts of clicks on their websites, that’s what these media outlets are always after and this was another reason Sir Alex Ferguson started a campaign to get the Portuguese manager out of the squad as quickly as possible.During his time at the Red Devils, having leaked information to the press was practically unheard of because the manager made sure that the dirty laundry got washed within the club.While there were some isolated incidents such as the one between him and Roy Keane, us press members almost never caught wind of what was going on behind the scenes at Manchester United.Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s arrival has been a breath of fresh air for everybody but the press, things got a little bit boring for the tabloids once again but Mourinho was bound to make noise again from his bunker.💪 Mourinho saca pecho 🏆 Repasa orgulloso todos sus logros conseguidos en el Unitedhttps://t.co/Ma5dyiUVEoJose Mourinho, Lionel MessiMourinho: “Lionel Messi made me a better coach” Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Jose Mourinho believes the experience of going up against Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi at Real Madrid made him a greater coach.— AS (@diarioas) January 10, 2019It was on his first interview after being sacked, aired this Thursday on Portuguese outlet ‘Correio de Manha’, where Jose Mourinho had his chance to really say what he felt after going through this experience.The manager unsurprisingly came after Sir Alex Ferguson’s whole career, making references about how long it took the legendary manager to win the trophies that recognize him as the best manager in football history.Here’s the thing with Mourinho’s attacks, he doesn’t even need to mention the person he is coming after because he tends to be very specific.“I am still a very young manager. I may have started my career early but I’m not 75 years old, I’m 55 years old,” said Mourinho in a fragment of this interview picked up by Diario AS.“I won my first European competition only two years after I started my career, not after 20. I also won an English Cup after only two years I began coaching in English football, not after 20.”“I finished as the Premier League’s runner-up only 6 months after I started, not after 6 years. I reached my second FA Cup final only a few months ago, not years ago. My motivation is better than ever, very high. But I know that I also have to wait for a little bit of time now, I have to remain calm.”“I believe I have the right to take some time and reflect on my mistakes, to analyze everything I have done in the last few years but doing it in a relaxed manner so I can prepare my self for the next stage of my professional career,” he added.Mourinho on the possibility of returning to Real Madrid: “When a footballer or a manager is invited to return is a sign that they did a good job where they were before. I felt that when returning to Chelsea”Jose, mate. Have a break. Go and chill on a beach for a few months. pic.twitter.com/95s4cZAabf— Footy Accumulators (@FootyAccums) January 10, 2019What do you think about Jose Mourinho’s attack against Sir Alex Ferguson’s career? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.last_img read more

Youth Maskanoo announced early for 2016 Parade

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Recommended for you Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 14 Jan 2015 – Youth Maskanoo is coming to the 2016 event and will soak up the hours of the day as founders of the street parade yesterday gave a preview of what is to come on Boxing Day this year. Maskanoo is not until December but the launch early is about getting residents in the know about the advancements to make the Christmas time staple festivity even more interactive with bigger sponsors, more vendors and a more grand street parade. Hotels clean up four islands for Earth Daycenter_img PDA says Elections will be in 2016 Related Items:2016, youth maskanoolast_img